Sunday, June 25, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Wanting to Skip the Stinky Things

I want to not write Blog posts detailing the icky stories -- the ones I don't want to remember. But yet, I feel, it is important to write about the good and the bad. To keep it real. To not make things seem idyllic all the time. Because sometimes it is far from idyllic.

Today we had a big bummer occur on the farm. We had friends over with a dog. There were three dogs.  We are not sure whose dog was responsible but the turkey brooder was left open inadvertently and one of the dogs got inside and killed 2/3 of our turkeys.

It was awful. We feel awful. Everyone is sullen and frustrated. It is the nature of the farm life I suppose, but it doesn't make it less difficult. I wish I knew which dog it was because I really thought I had trained that instinct out of both of my pups. But we don't know. Not sure we will ever know. And it honestly doesn't matter.

I feel whooped. I feel like I don't want to be a farmer anymore. I feel like I just want to quit.

This'll pass. But for right now, this is keepin' it real.

I really want to throw in the towel.

So sad.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

We Bought a Farm: My Saturday

Shane and Linda are in town for the weekend. It is so wonderful to see them as always. But it was also very fun because I had an opportunity to spend some girl time with Linda and a friend she introduced me to, LaShea. She is a fellow adoptive mom, and and we just hit it off online and were all able to meet today. Today, LaShea was home visiting family about an hour from here so Linda drove in and the three of us got to have a bit of girl time -- thanks to Shane who volunteered to babysit. Here is a photo of the three of us:

Today was a busy day for me because Jacob was off, my in-laws were under the weather, JB was at work, and we have a new WWOOFer that needed to be trained in. But I managed to get it all done including:
  • Lunch with Linda and LaShea at Yoders
  • Three animal runs -- a.m,, noon, and p.m. with new WWOOFer
  • Making dinner
  • Taking care of four children :)
Of course Shane and Linda helped a ton too and together we pulled it off.

I also wanted to share two pictures that I really love. Here is Abigail and Sidge who went to run some farm chores two mornings ago and had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. I just think they look so old and grown-up here. I can't believe how fast childhood goes:

And then I took this picture today. This is so Abigail. Wearing a dress, boots on, riding her bike down the hills on our farm. She is such a combo of princess and tomboy. She is just such a precious little girl:

Friday, June 23, 2017

Erica's story

My cousin Josh has a wife named Sarah. I consider her my cousin. We are super close. Years ago, her cousin came down with bacterial meningitis. This is her story. You will want to watch this. She says she is not an inspiration, but I think she is!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Moments of our Life

Life on the farm has been very busy, and to be honest, we've been doing some reevaluating. Like all families, there is a constant battle between what we want to do and what we should do. We want to live a slow life, but even though we are on the farm, and the life can look a bit idyllic, the reality of striving for that slow life is not as easy as it seems. I will write more about this, but I will say briefly that we are going to be scaling back a little and focusing on the things that we truly love and that truly bring us joy. We've tried a lot of things, and feel we have the ability to make good judgments on what is working for us and not working for us. We are stretched too thin here on the farm, and are going to work on scaling back. 

In the meantime though, life keeps going and there are great memories scattered amongst a busy life. Here are a few that have stuck out to me in the last few days:

I love this photo -- Isaac needs to have a shoe on to play the piano pedal well. I often will find just one shoe perched by the piano so he can pull it on when he is playing. I don't think I will ever tire of listening to this boy play piano. Bri recently shared with us that his adoptive family had a musical background -- the cello. There is definitely something inside of him that God placed there, and it is fun to witness.

Our geese have been having little goslings. A few of them have struggled a bit, so we've pulled them out and let them hang with the ducks until they get stronger. Then we've put them back with the geese with good success. It's been very fun to watch the little ducks and geese grow. 

Here's my Hannah drinking some of my smoothie for lunch. This kid constantly makes us smile. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Baby Ducks

We are enjoying the four baby ducks we've incubated. I got some videos today of the kids in the garage. Our intern, Jacob, came up with a nice play area for the kids and ducks. We also have two baby geese who are hanging out with the ducks now while they get a little stronger.